Zachary Harell

Peer Support Specialist

I spent many years battling deep depression and anxiety. I felt like something was wrong with me because I was sad in moments when “normal” people were happy. Two years ago I met a counselor and I told him about the sadness that was permeating my bones for no reason. This counselor was the first to validate my experience and look into my eyes and say, “There’s always a reason. Your pain is real.” It was there that I found solace in knowing that it is okay to not be okay. Since then I have begun pursuing a degree in counseling and pastoral ministry in an effort to support those going through similar experiences. Until recently I didn’t know that Peer Support existed, but now I have fallen in love with Peer Support am excited to walk alongside my peers through the growth process. I love books and writing, coffee and the banjo, hiking and camping, and spending all the time I can with my family.