FolkTime’s New Executive Director

Welcome, Michael Hlebechuk, FolkTime's new Executive Director!

Michael’s experience includes 33 years with the peer recovery movement. Michael was recently the Director of the Office of Consumer Activities at Oregon Health Authority’s Behavioral Health Services. Before that, he was Director of the Peer Recovery Services department at Oregon State Hospital.

Having seen the behavioral health system up close as a teen, Michael said he did not understand why they told him never to expect to do anything again. Thankfully he didn’t let that stop him. As he began his mental health recovery, he started working with the consumer movement as a board member for Mind Empowered Inc. His advocacy for the peer recovery movement has been the foundation of his work ever since. Working tirelessly with the likes of David W. Oaks and David Romprey, Michael has given his voice to choice and self-determination. An extraordinarily humane leader, Michael is also an exceptional listener working to elevate everyone’s personal story.

At FolkTime, Michael has big plans. He hopes to focus all his skills to help grow FolkTime into the peer-driven organization it promises to be. He would like FolkTime to be seen as the place for peers to feel safe, have community, create new connections, grow talents, and forge a future for themselves! To accomplish this will take nurturing and cultivating programs, engaging new avenues of support, and maybe even trying a few new things. “This organization has a great group of people serving our community; I hope to listen and provide the direction needed for us to flourish.”

Thanks to Michael’s efforts FolkTime is very excited now and in the coming months to tell you about our new and exciting projects!