Bliss Garden

The Bliss Garden is a Community Supported Agricultural program in service to mental health recovery.


Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a way to purchase local, sustainable, and seasonal produce while supporting your community and promoting healing.

By registering for the FolkTime Bliss Garden, you are joining a group of people who support and believe in the benefits of cultivating a connection between humans and the Earth.

The garden serves as a space for people in recovery to get their hands dirty, while also learning all it takes to grow our food. Excess produce is incorporated into our weekly meals provided at the social programs.

Bliss Garden is a CSA program running from the first week of June through the last week of October.

Memberships will remain open for the season, and be prorated by signup date at $23 per week. If interested in monthly payment plans, or have questions, please e-mail!

Each week members will receive:

  • Fresh Produce

  • Recipe of the Week

  • Community Newsletter

  • Garden Updates & Photos

With your contribution, you will:

  • Cultivate healthy produce for underserved communities

  • Sustain future seasons of the Bliss Garden

  • Support environmentally sustainable farming

  • Get delicious, locally grown produce weekly