Social Programs

Our social programs are created by and for members. In a monthly community meeting, members decide on activities for the coming month. Socializing with others helps people with mental health diagnoses prevent relapse and have a higher level of life satisfaction.

Currently, our social services are offered at three locations in the Portland metro area.

The NE Portland Program is our original location operating at the Community of Christ Church.

The Oregon City location also offer programs four days per week at the Atkinson Church.

Rural Outreach offers programs in Clackamas County. The Rural Outreach Program meets regularly at Ant Farm in Sandy and also coordinates events in the community.

All of the sites are operated by members who are in recovery and have stabilized their condition to the point of accepting a leadership role within FolkTime.

What we offer at the social program locations:

Homemade Lunch
Fun Activities
Acceptance of Individuality

The schedule of activities is determined by members at a monthly community meeting. Our hot lunches are prepared on site and shared together. FolkTime members gather to participate in a variety of activities, including craft projects, guest speakers, games, and discussions on current topics of interest. Once per week the members venture out to local parks, museums, and gardens, or participate in community events.

Members are the primary leaders of all the activities offered at FolkTime, which provides a training ground for leadership within the mental health peer community.

Participants have created a community where its safe to talk about their daily challenges, learn social skills, build community, refrain from isolation, and find the support they need. In a monthly community meeting, members decide on their activities and the food they want to prepare for their hot lunches. On the monthly calendars for all 3 social centers, there are activities to participate in, such as: creative writing, painting group, NAMI Peer-to-Peer classes, live guitar music, Bingo, chorus, etc. Members also go on Friday outings to explore new places in the community or frequent local theatres, zoos, parks, and bowling alleys.

FolkTime offers an opportunity for independent adults living with mental illness to come together and create a supportive and safe atmosphere for each other. As a peer-run social program, our model does not include traditional caregiving roles. Our program managers create a safe environment and coordinate the logistics of the programs, but do not provide caregiving services (ie. diet restrictions and mobility assistance).

 How Much does it cost?

There is no cost for membership in the FolkTime program.

Members are asked to donate $1 toward lunch if they are able. FolkTimes financial support comes from many community sources, and reflects our grassroots affiliations. We receive support from individuals, churches, civic groups, special fundraising events, and community grants.

We welcome and encourage your financial support of this worthwhile program.