Larry Love

Before his introduction to FolkTime, Larry lost his job, his wife died, his daughters moved out of the house, and his alcoholic tendencies took over his life. His daughters did an intervention, and he went into treatment.

Soon after, in 2003, FolkTime member Jan Bartlett invited Larry to visit FolkTime. He began helping in the kitchen, and ultimately became the lead. He’d had no formal training, but he’d always enjoyed cooking and he’d had a great teacher in his wife, who was a registered dietician.

Larry finds preparation of meals fulfilling, including the challenge of managing food donations, preparing balanced meals and mentoring others in the kitchen. He also enjoys inviting “guest chefs” to bring their different dishes.

A native of Portland, Larry has spent most of his life here. He graduated from Benson Polytechnic High School and ultimately earned a bachelor’s degree in economics from Stanford University. He worked for US Bancorp in several divisions, including auditing and investments. He joined the U.S. Army Reserve in 1965 and retired in 1999 as a lieutenant colonel.

In addition to his three daughters, Larry has three grandsons. He enjoys trout fishing as a hobby and sings in several choirs.