Grant From OHA

Since July 2020 we have been working under a Community-Based Organization grant from Oregon Health Authority (OHA). The grant was given to organizations that work with BIPOC, houseless, undocumented, and LGBTQIA+ communities, as well as those that work with individuals with substance abuse or mental health issues. We realized this was a great opportunity because our organization happens to work with the majority of these communities! The area of the grant that we’ve been providing is “community engagement, education and outreach” which has enabled us to take FolkTime’s COVID-19 Preparedness plan and train our team in OHA, Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and Oregon Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) guidance. This, in turn, is being shared with our communities in an effort to support the health and welfare of our peers!

It has been a very busy time working with OHA who has diligently provided us with so many trainings and partnerships and so much great information, including additional material to support those peers who were dealing with, or had loss, due the fires. Much of the peer support that we are providing now is done virtually, however our funds have also enabled us to purchase a great deal of sanitizing material, masks, and other items to provide safety to our fully reopened locations, when reopening is an option.