COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update

We have been working diligently to continue to provide you the connections you seek during
the evolving pandemic.
FolkTime is breathing new life into its nonprofit model.

Both our Oregon City and Rural Outreach social program members will begin getting calls from our staff to check in on their current wellbeing, what their needs and interests are for future calls, and how often they’d like to be contacted. Depending on members needs we might call them once a week, or provide shorter check-ins 3 times a week.

We are duplicating this model for our Clackamas clinical programs: Clackamas Mental Health Clinic (CMHC), Stewart and Hilltop Behavioral Health Centers, and Sandy Behavioral Health Center. Each of our peer support teams will reach out by phone, making connections to peers with which they have previously established relations, as a current wellness and needs check in.The work at our Clackamas clinics have always been done by referral and/or walk-ins. We will continue to gather new peers from referrals, reaching out to them by phone too.

Connections through new Methods

Connections Through New Partnership

Folktime believes now, more than ever, is the time to build partnerships.

Through a newly created partnership with Community Counseling Solutions’ (CCS) David Romprey Oregon Warmline, an organization which offers Intentional Peer Support (IPS) every day of the year, the FolkTime team will be available explore and to listen to our differing and common worldviews.

It is no small task getting everyone on-boarded and comfortable managing calls, gathering information, and understanding new processes – all from the distance of our separate living spaces. In the coming weeks, FolkTime and CCS are working behind the scenes getting the Folktime team trained up and “call ready” for a seamless Warmline experience. Stay tuned for our announcement for going live.

"After serving Oregon for 9 years working for Community Counseling Solutions, co-authoring and implementing the David Romprey Oregon Warmline and providing national and International Technical Assistance for telephone Peer Support, I knew we were offering something extremely progressive and dynamic! Once I left the Warmline to become the Executive Director of Folktime I made it a personal endeavor to collaborate and build connections with our local, state, and national partners to “Bridge the Gaps” in our behavioral health system and to advocate for social and systems change."
Angel Prater
FolkTime Executive Director

Connections through IPS


This is new territory for everyone and our needs may look different from person to person. When we come from a place of not knowing, we are able to learn what each others’ needs are, and navigate together through uncertain times.

Let’s embrace this crisis as an opportunity to learn and grow as a collective and deepen our understanding of how to be with others.


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