Clackamas Mental Health Center (CMHC) Walk-In

Peer Support Services

Clackamas Mental Health Center (CMHC) Walk-In
11211 SE 82nd Ave Ste,
Portland , OR 97086
(503) 722-6200

Clackamas County Crisis Line-503-655-8585

Peer Support Services at Clackamas Mental Health Center (CMHC) Walk-In are available 6 days per week by individuals who have experienced similar crisis, distress or discomfort. Peer Support Specialists also offer groups that can be found on or by calling CMHC at 503-722-6200.

If you are a provider interested in referring to peer support, please submit the CMHC Peer Referral Form.

See FolkTime’s peer support brochure for CMHC for more information.

Peers at CMHC Walk-In

Shannon Farr, Clackamas County Program Manager

Chrystal Hohn, Lead Peer Support Specialist

Emily Giersch, Mobile Crisis Response Team, Peer Support

Michelle Childers, Peer Support Specialist