Clackamas Mental Health Clinic’s Mobile Crisis Response Team (CMHC’s MCRTs)

FolkTime Provides Peer Support Specialist for CMHC’s Mobile Crisis Response Team

Pictured are the MCRT members left to right: Troy McKinlay, Emily Giersch, Shannon Salts, Natalie Davis, Stacy England, and FolkTime's Clackamas Program Manager, Shannon Farr.
FolkTime is happy to announce a brand new program up and running in Clackamas County. We have a new Mobile Crisis Response Team (MCRT) operating out of our Clackamas Mental Health Center (CMHC) location. There are two peer support staff, Troy McKinlay and Emily Giersch.
The two partner with mental health professionals to do community outreach to individuals experiencing crisis, in whatever form it takes. Often, police are not trained with a focus on the different needs of someone in crisis. The purpose of this team is to reduce the frequency of calls to 911 while reducing the need for the person to access higher levels of care, such as jail or other institutions.  MCRT peers also partner, at times, with the Behavior Health Unit (BHU) that operates out of the Clackamas County Sheriff’s office. The BHU team does a similar type of mobile work but from a different referral source. Peers providing outreach, along with their clinical partners, are filling a large gap in the mental health services provided in Clackamas County. Through the work of FolkTime’s peers, those in crisis have been able to make connections and build meaningful and supportive relationships with members of our community.