Riverstone Crisis Center Peer Support Services

Riverstone Clinic
11211 SE 82nd Ave Ste,
Portland , OR 97086
(503) 722-6200

Clackamas County Crisis Line-503-655-8585


Peer Support Services at Riverstone ( a walk-in mental health crisis clinic for Clackamas County) are available 7 days per week by individuals who have experienced similar crisis, distress or discomfort. Peer Support Specialists also offer groups that can be found on meet-up.com or by calling Riverstone at 503-722-6200.

If you are a provider interested in referring to peer support, please submit the Riverstone Peer Referral Form.

See Riverstone’s brochure for more information.

Peers at Riverstone

Shannon Farr, Clackamas County Program Manager

Kevin Shiver, Peer Support Specialist

Chrystal Hohn, Peer Support Specialist

Zach Harrell, Peer Support Specialist

Ryan Holmes, Peer Support Speacialist