Angel Prater


Angel Prater works as the Executive Director for FolkTime, is a Certified National Intentional Peer Support(IPS) Trainer, and was named Oregon’s IPS Trainer of Trainers. She is a mother of two beautiful daughters, and has recently become a grandmother of a chunky little baby boy.  Angel enjoys singing and dancing while working, as well as riding motorcycles, sky diving, socializing, and most of all, spending time with her family. Angel says, “Recovery became a new way of life, living without the use of drugs, now a life of mental wellness and stability.  I made a promise to take all of my life challenges and turn them into something good, I promised GOD that I will help those who are struggling to know that no matter what there is hope! IT CAN BE DONE!”  Since July 5, 1996, Angel has shared her experience, strength, and hope without shame or guilt so that maybe it may inspire someone else to share theirs and help others.  As the famous movie says, let’s “Pay it forward!”