Our Staff

Peter Starkey

Executive Director

. "It all starts with connection. For those of us who have struggled with our mental health, we can feel alone and have a fear of rejection; that the world won't accept us. Peer support connects us with an entire community and collective history we never knew existed. A family of people who has been there."

Robert Cseko

Director of Administration

Jennifer (Jen) Salkoski

Manager of Administration

"Peer support is about connection. Connection is a safe space to listen and be heard without judgement. This is where the healing begins"

Is This You?

Communications and Development Coordinator

Currently hiring for this position

Willita Ross

Supervisor of Training

“I have worked for more than 16 years with community non-profit organizations as a liaison for DHS and women and children in the community. I have a passion for advocating and supporting those that have experienced domestic violence or trauma.”

TaMara Edens

Director of Social Programs

"Recovery is a journey, and peer support helps us find some amazing traveling companions."

Emily Giersch

Peer Support Lead Oregon City and Rural Outreach

"I found peer support to be one of the biggest factors in my recovery and I wanted to give back in the same field."

Theresa Scott

Peer Support Specialist FTBM & Rural Outreach

Jeni Aubrey

Peer Support Specialist FTBM

Lynnette Spicer

Peer Support Specialist OC

Justin Olson

Cook FTBM and Oregon City

"I'm new to Oregon City and I want to establish my roots and give back. I also have a passion for the kitchen!"

Jen Patterson

Stewart-Hilltop QMHP

"I have provided peer support with FolkTime since 2017. I am an origami enthusiast, animal lover, and have a deep appreciation for the power of peer support in my journey of recovery!"

Grant Fagót

Stewart-Hilltop Supervisor

"By using the tools I learned from my own struggles, I try to impart a place where peers can be comfortable being their unique selves. When I’m not at work I enjoy LEGO and dorky dancing."

Paula Keyth

Sandy Peer Support Specialist

“I want to show that recovery is attainable, taken in small steps with a big helping of self-care. I find that having the opportunity to assist others is the best way to heal myself. I also have a daily practice of art making, whether it be drawing, painting, or making collages, helping me to process and release. These are the tools that feed my soul.”

David Morris

Stewart Peer Support Specialist & CMHC MCRT

"Having experience with receiving mental health services for over 30 years has given me a clear perspective of how important peer support services are. I have had to define my own light at the end of the tunnel and support everyone in doing the same."

Rick Williams

Hilltop Peer Support Specialist

Is this you?

Youth Peer Support Specialist

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Is this you?

Stewart Peer Support Specialist

Currently hiring for this position

Is this you?

Hilltop Peer Support Specialist

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Is this you?

Family Peer Support Specialist

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