Our Staff

Michael Hlebechuk

Executive Director

Beri Swango

Manager of Administration

Robert Cseko

Director of Administration

Nicole Morris-Judd

Communications and Development Coordinator

"Support from peers saved my life and changed my mind."

Marissa McCormick

Director of Social Programs

"It's a privilege to lead FolkTime's social programs. which has changed many lives through peer support and connection over the last 35 years. Sharing and connecting through lived experiences can build bridges, shatter ceilings, and transform people and communities. Connection is necessary to thrive."

TaMara Edens

Social Program Lead

Jeni Aubrey

Peer Support Specialist

Lynnette Spicer

Peer Support Specialist

Shannon Farr

Clackamas County Program Manager

Chrystal Hohn

CMHC Lead Peer Support

"Today, I consider myself to be in mental health recovery; I strive to maintain this daily. I love connecting with peers, exploring new things in life, being a mom and wife, and doing all things outdoors!"

Emily Giersch

CMHC Mobile Crisis Response Peer Support

"I found peer support to be one of the biggest factors in my recovery and I wanted to give back in the same field."

Troy McKinlay

CMHC Mobile Crisis Response Peer Support

"I have always been outspoken and earnest, but have had a lot happen to me. I am a resilient and kind person, and I am excited to talk and learn with each other." 

Michelle Childers

CMHC Peer Support Specialist

"I have had a variety of mental health challenges in my life. It wasn’t until I had peer support that I really started to see hope for recovery."  

Grant Fagot

Stewart-Hilltop Supervisor

"By using the tools I learned from my own struggles, I try to impart a place where peers can be comfortable being their unique selves. When I’m not at work I enjoy LEGO and dorky dancing."

Jen Patterson

Stewart-Hilltop QMHP

"I have provided peer support with FolkTime since 2017. I am an origami enthusiast, animal lover, and have a deep appreciation for the power of peer support in my journey of recovery!"


Stewart Peer Support Specialist


Stewart Peer Support Specialist

Amanda Lin

Hilltop Peer Support Specialist


Hilltop Peer Support Specialist


Family Peer Support Specialist


Sandy Peer Support Specialist

Willita Ross

Unity Supervisor

“I have worked for more than 16 years with community non-profit organizations as a liaison for DHS and women and children in the community. I have a passion for advocating and supporting those that have experienced domestic violence or trauma.”

Jay Strauser

Unity Supervisor

"As a veteran of Desert Storm, I’ve seen a lot. I believe that together we can support and challenge each other to move toward the life we want."

Katie Bour

Unity Caring Contact Peer Support

“I began working as a peer support specialist in 2016. I believe strongly that housing stability, food security, and health insurance coverage are vital keys to mental and emotional wellness, and I love to connect others to these resources.”

Theresa Scott

Unity Peer Support Specialist

Natasha Molett

Unity Peer Support Specialist

David Morris

Unity Peer Support Specialist

Ricky Williams

Unity Peer Support Specialist