What is recovery?

Mental health recovery is a journey of healing and transformation enabling a person with a mental health challenge to live a meaningful life in a community of his or her choice while striving to achieve his or her goals.

What is peer support?

Peer support is an intervention that leverages shared experience to foster trust, decrease stigma and create a sustainable forum for seeking help and sharing information about support resources and positive coping strategies. Peer supporters “speak the same language” which fosters an environment of credibility and trust.

What peer support can do:
• Foster social networking
• Improve quality of life
• Promote wellness
• Support acceptance of illness
• Reduce concerns
• Increase satisfaction with health status

What is a Peer Support Specialist?

Peer support specialists are people who share the experience of mental illness and have participated in specific training to learn how to assist others who are in various stages of their mental health recovery.

Peer support specialists offer nonjudgmental support and validation through the sharing of personal experiences and skills. Peer support specialists are able to offer genuine empathy having traveled similar roads of trauma, distress, or discomfort. They are able to assist individuals as advocates and supports in the community.

Who is eligible for the social programs?

There is no referral needed at this time. FolkTime social programs are all drop in sites and aim to be accessible and available to anyone looking for a community. Due to the nature of a drop in site, we ask that all people accessing our drop in programs agree to the following:

FolkTime members are asked to meet the following criteria:

Self-identify as having lived experience with mental health and or addictions

18 years old or older

The person is in a state of recovery where you feel comfortable and safe participating in group programming

The person is independent in their personal care/activities of daily living needs. Care-giving services are not provided that the social programs. This includes: bathroom support, mobility support, support during meals, medication management, transportation etc.

Complete new member orientation. NE Portland and Oregon City locations host orientation on Mondays at 10:30am. If this time does not work for you please coordinate directly with the contact listed below and they will accommodate your needs; otherwise orientations are designed to be drop in style and no rsvp is needed

To provide a safe and supportive community, we accept members who have:

A desire to participate in a community focused on recovery
The ability to be with others in a positive way that promotes mutual benefit

The ability to accept all people, personalities and walks of life

FolkTime Social Programs are judgement free and value Inclusiveness

How can I attend?

For more information on program eligibility and new member orientation, please call the applicable program staff: 

Free To Be Me – NE Portland

Nicholas Allard, Program Lead, 503-709-2450

Oregon City Social Program

Emily Giersch, Program Coordinator, 971-888-1784

Rural Outreach Programs

Terris Harned, Program Coordinator, 503-757-8224

Heidi Stoner RO Peer Support Specialist 971-998-7341

How can I Volunteer?

Fill out a Volunteer Application here!