Board of Directors

Martha Spiers

Martha Spiers is a Licensed Clinical Social worker who has been on the Folk Time board since retiring from her 25-year career with Clackamas County in January 2018.  While at the county Martha had the pleasure of managing the Behavioral Heath Crisis and Safety Net services array, and in particular of establishing the Clackamas County Crisis Walk-In clinic (Riverstone) in 2012. Riverstone was developed with considerable input from the peer community, and was distinguished by being the first crisis clinic in Oregon to meaningfully embed peers in every aspect of program operations. This experience has made Martha a passionate believer in the transformational power of peer support.


Jay Dudley – Attorney

Jay has been a FolkTime board member since 2010.  He was VP General Counsel for Portland General Electric Co.  Jay’s undergraduate degree is in Chemical Engineering and has been a practicing attorney for over 40 years.  He has an interest in mental health recovery through peer services.  Jay is committed to the sustainability of FolkTime, its members and the community we serve.



Ilyse Ball- Real Estate Principal Broker

Believing in FolkTime’s mission, I have served on the Board since 2014. In my career, I have always had an interest in helping others, and worked as a peer counselor during college. Having family members who suffer from anxiety, as well as a cousin who was diagnosed with anxiety when she was still a child, the work that is done at FolkTime is vital to overall well being. Where she currently resides she does not have many resources, but I am confident that if a program like Free to Be Me were available, she would utilize it and thrive. For that reason, and for those individuals whose lives are enriched by our programs, I am proud that we are able to help community members here in the Portland Metro area.