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with shared lived experience.

COVID-19 Update

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We have new information about our Social Programs. If you are a member, or just have interest, you’ll find information at this link: Social Programs.

Thanks to a recent partnership with FolkTime the David Romprey Orgeon Warmline has added 10 extra FolkTime staff to their call operators. This action alone has tripled the number of calls the Warmline has been able to direct connect with.

“The Warmline went from 3 or 4 operators a shift to 8 or 9 operators! Callers previously were experiencing waiting for call backs for one hour, occasionally two. All of the callers are now receiving direct access to operators! When I look at our call center software and can see that there are seven people on calls and no one waiting in the cue that is…its beautiful!”

Sharon Kuehn

Our Mission:

Dedicated to connecting individuals with shared lived experiences through Intentional Peer Support.

Our Values:

Founded in 1985, Folk-Time, Inc. is a non-profit community service agency whose ongoing commitment is to provide a culture of inclusiveness. By promoting a recovery oriented support system that focuses on hope, choice, connection, personal responsibility, and self-determination, FolkTime has provided support and advocacy for those with share lived experiences in the Portland Metro Area for over 30 years. 


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