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Crisis Support. Peers in crisis clinics meet one-on-one with people in severe distress. They also participate in community visits and conduct outreach efforts in collaboration with Clackamas County mental health workers. Program: Centerstone

Rural Outreach. People with mental health diagnoses can feel isolated even when surrounded by people. Those living in rural areas can face additional challenges. Our rural outreach program is a social program that caters to situations that are unique to rural communities. Program: Rural Outreach

Social Centers. Our social centers offer games, classes, music, art, outings, and daily meals in a safe place. FolkTime is the only peer-to-peer social program in the tri-county area that is free and open to anyone over the age of 18, regardless of health care system affiliation. Programs: NE PortlandOregon City

Support in Clinics. Peers advocate for clients within the clinic and support them in the community to find natural supports for their long term mental health. Programs: Hilltop, Stewart

Health Resilience Peer Support. Our peer support specialists work with people who have complex medical needs, with two or more severe diagnoses.   Peers facilitate connection with communities and activities that will support their long-term  mental and physical health. Program: CareOregon

Residential Support. Peers host a peer lounge, group activities and community integration activities for residents in a supported housing complex for people in recovery from addictions and mental illness. Location: Chez Ami

FolkTime Program Brochure (Click this link for a printable version of our brochure)

At FolkTime, we endorse the SAMHSA 8 Dimensions of Wellness, and design our programs to support individuals in addressing these areas of wellness. We believe that wellness is a holistic endeavor and we must see the individual as a whole being. We are not a diagnosis.